Build Your Dream Home

What We Do To Get You Ready To Build:

  1. Connect you with the best builder based on your budget and builder reputation.
  2. Connect you with a seasoned lender who has extensive experience working with new home construction loans.
  3. Attend all builder meetings to include, location of the build, Floorplan, Selections (Colors, Flooring, Paint, Cabinets, Hardware, etc…). This will help ensure you are building a home that will resale later should you decide to move.
  4. Review all contracts to ensure everything you’ve been promised is in writing before you sign.

Once Construction Begins:

  1. Visit the site location multiple times per week so we can follow the progress.
  2. Shoot video as things are happening while were there. You rarely get to see behind the walls or under the floors. With our Team, you’ll see it all.
  3. As things progress, we are revisiting the contract to make sure what’s happening is what was contracted. (you don’t want to find that they overlooked something late in the build)
  4. We share what were seeing with the builder as well. Were there to be a second set of eyes for you and the builder. There are many hands participating in your build. People make honest mistakes. Most builders appreciate the extra help.

As Construction Is Wrapping Up:

  1. Towards the end of the process, all the finish work takes place. We visit the job site almost daily because things are changing rapidly.
  2. We come to the “Punch List” meetings. When it’s almost time to close and take possession of your new home, we walk through the house from Top to Bottom with you to help locate minor defects/blemishes that were created.
  3. Once the “Punch List” items have been corrected and the home is ready to be delivered, we coordinate with your lender and the builder to get the property closed.
  4. Usually on the day of closing, we schedule a professional photo shoot and a 3D Tour of the home. That way, you can show off the house to family and friends who can’t be here to see it. This also allows us to document the sale and all the details you put into the home. One day, you may call us to sell it for you. We like having good records/photos.

After We Close:

We don’t disappear. We want to be first on your list of people to call if a problem arises or if your considering making a change with the house. We believe that we never stop earning our commissions. If your going to make improvements/changes to your home, we want to hear about before you do it. That way, if your thinking that the changes are going to add value, we can help confirm that or guide you in a different direction. Not all updates add value. We want to be your “Go To” resource for all things house related. If you choose us in the beginning, we want to make sure you would still choose us in the end. Your home is important and we don’t take that lightly.